Waste & Cleaning Waste & Cleaning

The STOKOTA group offers a wide range of waste transport vehicles in the sector of industrial and general cleaning. Our engineering department focused on the development and manufacturing of vehicles for the environmental sector that work efficiently, are user-friendly and minimize the impact of the environment.


We offer the following products:


» Drain Force

» Ecocycle

» Jetting Master

» Powertrailer 6000

» Powervac

» Ultracycle

» Vactrans

» Custom Made


Custom made

A perfect fit for the vehicle you need

In spite of having a wide range of products on offer, there is always the possibility that you cannot find exactly the vehicle that you are looking for. This is where the possibility of having your vehicle custom-made comes in handy.

In cooperation with our engineers, our salespeople will help you find the right solution for the waste and cleaning jobs that you want your vehicle to be capable of, whether it concerns a vacuum unit, a high-pressure unit, a combination of these two, or a vacuum loader for dry material. For the latter, please see the link under new business. For more information, please contact our salespeople.