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The STOKOTA group offers a wide range of aircraft refuellers and hydrant dispensers for both commercial aircraft refuelling as for military applications. Our engineering department focusses on the development and manufacturing of aviation fuelling vehicles that work efficiently, have a good ergonomics, high safety level and minimize their impact on the environment.


The key points during development are use of advanced technology, safety, ergonomics, easy handling, easy maintenance and testing, clean design and a high build quality. Using the latest technology allows us to build light constructions without losing quality or safety.

STOKOTA is well known for the close contact with its customers. Through Customer Specific Design, we try to find the best compromise between our customers wishes and a well thought out design.


We offer the following products:


Aircraft Refuellers

» Rigids

» Semi-Trailers

» Trailers

» Military

Hydrant Dispensers

» Standard High Flow

» Low Profile/High Flow

» Low Profile/Low Flow



Hydrant Dispenser - Standard High Flow



Hydrant Dispenser assembled on a suitable and fully equipped two-axle truck chassis (modified), left or right hand drive, operation side at driver’s side, with a nominal flow rate of 3500 l/min through two deck hoses and 1200 l/min through one hose reel. The unit has a variable height lift platform for fuelling up to A380 height, equipped with two deck hoses. Further equipment includes 1 hose reel and all necessary pressure control valves, Filter Water Separator, meter system Alfons Haar PreciFUEL and valves, for refuelling modern aircraft’s in line with the JIG latest issue, MID, ADR, EI and EN.


 General Specifications:


Flow rate (2x deck hose) 3.500 lpm
Flow rate (1x reel hose) 1.200 lpm
Alfons Haar PreciFUEL (other systems on request)
Pneumatic controlled valves  
Lifting platform (floor height: max. 4.2m)  
Filter / Water Separator or Monitor  
Deadman system (wired or wireless)  
Intake hose or pantograph  
Deck hose or pantograph  
Modular chassis