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STOKOTA offers tank semitrailers, trailers and superstructures in aluminium or stainless steel for the transport of both non-ADR and ADR products like fuel, heating oil, LPG and aircraft fuel.


While designing our tank vehicles, our target is to reach optimal efficiency and the lowest possible kerb weight in combination with the highest safety standards. The use of 3D design and Finite Elements Analysis allow us to build light constructions without losing quality or safety levels.


The tanks are automatic welded and accurately tested: radiographic checks on the welded joints, pressure tests, capacity measurement, safe loading tests, and brake tests.


After delivery you can also count on us for total service: servicing of your tank vehicle, calibration of measuring instruments, and tests of your vehicle. Our sales and engineering team always accompanies you with their professional support and advice.


In our offer we also have bitumen semitrailers for the transport of asphalt, crude oil or other products that must be kept hot during transportation. The semitrailers are pressure thermally insulated so that the contents of the tank will stay hot and liquid while being transported to the place of destination.


Another product in this group is the aircraft refueller. Whether it is a fuel truck or a fuel semitrailer you need, STOKOTA has the vehicle for you.
We also offer water tanks for the transport of drinkable water or water for irrigation.


We offer the following products:


» Fuel semitrailers

» Fuel tank trucks

» Fuel trailers

» LPG semitrailers

» LPG superstructures and trailers

» Watertanks

» Bitumen semitrailers


Fuel tank trucks

Stokota has been a European market leader in the production of fuel tank semitrailers, tank trucks and trailers for many years. The advanced design and engineering has made our vehicles popular all over Europe. We build high quality tanks in aluminium or steel with a large package of standard equipment and a rich choice in options and varieties.

Our fuel tank trucks have a capacity from 4000 to 23.000 litres, divided in up to 6 compartments. These distribution vehicles are equipped with a pump and measuring installation suitable for 800 litres/min. via empty hose and 450 litres/min. via full hose. The reel is easily accessible from both sides of the vehicle.

We can also help you in choosing the vehicle that exactly fit your needs. Our salespeople, in cooperation with our experienced engineering team, will support you in finding the best logistical solution for you.




From 4.000 to 23.000 L


Construction of the tank is made from aluminium based on a chassis 4x2, 4x4, 6x2, 6x4, 8x4


Transport of fuels: petrol/gasoline, diesel, oil, heating oil


- The tank is coffer shaped, made from high-quality aluminium, in accordance with the latest ADR regulations;
- Length profiles on the entire length of the tank cover, fitted with drainage;
- Hatch cover in aluminium DN 250;
- Anti-skid cover is welded to the top part of the tank cover over the whole length, ensuring safety when moving around.;
- Breathing valve with fire protection;
- Aluminium ladder with anti-skid rungs, mounted at the back of the tank

Unloading equipment for each compartment

- Bottom valve DN 100 pneumatic;
- Unloading pipes DN 100, aluminium, from the bottom valve on the right side of the vehicle;
- Unloading pipes have ball valves DN 100, as well as male DN 80 connections for the hose or API DN 100 connections

Measuring equipment

Measuring equipment with DN 80 or DN 100 connection equipped with:

- Mechanical or electronic counter with a printer and dose controller;

- Gas separator DN 80;

- Connection for hose on the connector pipe

Bottom loading

- API DN 100 connection for bottom loading;

- Full pneumatic control from the central position;

- The number of the compartment on every adapter;

- Compartment capacity given on each loading valve;

- Separate steering block for bottom valves

Vapour recovery system

Pneumatic breathing valves mounted on the main manhole.
1 pipe connecting the vapour collector with the recovery system DN 100, on the right side of the vehicle for the vapour recovery system during loading and unloading.
1 pneumatic safety valve.

Overfill protection

Optical electric sensors against overfilling.
System protecting against overfilling located inside the compartment at a level equivalent to 96% of its capacity


- Black polyamide mudguards above the rear wheels;

- Closed plastic toolbox;

- Bike protection on the sides;

- Cabinet for hoses (one on each side);

- Complete grounding installation


Fire extinguisher (12 kg) located in a plastic cover.
Tank marking in accordance with ADR regulations


Before painting, the aluminium elements are etched, then painted with a primer and then painted with a high-quality two-component acrylic paint.
Colour according to client’s wishes.