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STOKOTA offers tank semitrailers, trailers and superstructures in aluminium or stainless steel for the transport of both non-ADR and ADR products like fuel, heating oil, LPG and aircraft fuel.


While designing our tank vehicles, our target is to reach optimal efficiency and the lowest possible kerb weight in combination with the highest safety standards. The use of 3D design and Finite Elements Analysis allow us to build light constructions without losing quality or safety levels.


The tanks are automatic welded and accurately tested: radiographic checks on the welded joints, pressure tests, capacity measurement, safe loading tests, and brake tests.


After delivery you can also count on us for total service: servicing of your tank vehicle, calibration of measuring instruments, and tests of your vehicle. Our sales and engineering team always accompanies you with their professional support and advice.


In our offer we also have bitumen semitrailers for the transport of asphalt, crude oil or other products that must be kept hot during transportation. The semitrailers are pressure thermally insulated so that the contents of the tank will stay hot and liquid while being transported to the place of destination.


Another product in this group is the aircraft refueller. Whether it is a fuel truck or a fuel semitrailer you need, STOKOTA has the vehicle for you.
We also offer water tanks for the transport of drinkable water or water for irrigation.


We offer the following products:


» Fuel semitrailers

» Fuel tank trucks

» Fuel trailers

» LPG semitrailers

» LPG superstructures and trailers

» Watertanks

» Bitumen semitrailers


LPG superstructures and trailers

We have LPG semitrailers, superstructures, and trailers. The standard capacity for a semitrailer is 45m³, but 43m³, 48m³, and 50m³ are also possible. For superstructures the capacity ranges from 14m³ to 26m³, and for trailers this is from 22m³ to 36m³.


All LPG semitrailers, superstructures, and trailers are fitted with a sunshield, which allows the working pressure to be 19 bar and allows a test pressure of 25 bar. All tanks undergo a complete radiographic check to ensure maximum safety. That is also why all our LPG vehicles are equipped with ABS 4S/2M, EBS, RSS and disc brakes. We only use fittings of well-known quality producers, either chosen by us or by the client. The trailers are delivered with a hydraulic pump, with either a mechanical or electronic counter. All vehicles leave our factory with the appropriate certificates.


Besides producing standard semitrailers, Stokota can also adapt the semitrailer to the customer’s requirements, ensuring that the vehicle perfectly serves its purpose.




Total weight vehicle

18.000 kg

Kerb weight

± 5.000 kg + 5 %


Tank construction

Self-supporting cylindrical tank, with dish ends at the front and back of the vehicle.

Calculated pressure/
watertight test

25 bar


One compartment tank divided by splash walls.

Max. working pressure

18 bar

Working temperature

From -20° to 50°C


Fine-grained steel with a EN certificate.


Supporting welds have undergone radiographic check (100%).
Weld factor: 1

Tank equipment

- 1 manhole DN 500 centrally in the dish end;

- 1 thermomete;

- Bottom valve 3" liquid phase with in-built pneumatic overflow safety valv;

- Bottom valve 2" gaseous phase with in-built pneumatic overflow safety valve;

- Pneumatic emergency button that closes the valves in case of emergency;

- Outer ball valve with a 3" 1 ACME connection, as well as a DN 80 flange for the liquid phase;

- Outer ball valve with a 2" 1 ACME connection, as well as a DN 50 flange for the gaseous phase;

Cabinet for measuring installation

- 1 aluminium cabinet with cover located under the tank between the axles;

- Full loading and unloading equipment;

- Waterproof bottom with drainage;

- Doors with rubber gasket opened by gas springs

Unloading fittings

- Mechanically driven pump LPG 2" Blackmer;

- Filter 2" located before the pump and a manometer behind the pump;

- Flow meter 2" Liquid Control with a counter mechanism Veeder Root, and a printer;

- Pipe system API 5L class B with a threaded connection;

- Loading hose 2" 6 m length;

- 1 pneumatic reel with hose DN 32;

- 1 release hose 1" 20 m. length with REGO valve with 1 1" connection

Unloading possibilities

- Gravity release;

- Unloading by pump;

- Unloading by pump through the measuring system and the hose on the reel


2 black plastic- polyamide mudguards above the wheels on the rear axle.

Electrical installation

- 24 V in accordance with ADR regulations;

- LED along the side of the tank;

- Lighting:brake lights, indicators, fog lights, reversing lights, and running lights


- Tank and other steel elements are sandblasted;

- Anti-corrosion two-component epoxy primer;

- Top-coating: high quality two-component acrylic paint;

- Colour according to client’s wishes.


2 closed cabinets for hoses, one on each side

Tank has bike protection

1 aluminium bumper over the whole width of the vehicle with full lighting and a license plate holder

2 chocks (wedges) in holders.

3 grounding bolts and 1 automatic reel, with a grounding cable of 10 m.

Aluminium case for documents.
Hazard plates according to client’s wishes.

2 fire extinguishers (6 kg each) in a plastic cover, one on each side.

Sunshield on the top and sides of the tank

Equipment in accordance with ADR regulations.


Temperature compensation lit up on a mechanical or electronic counter

Hydraulic pump instead of mechanical.